Ibrahim Chatta Biography: Age, Career, Personal Life And Net Worth

Ibrahim Chatta

We present to you Ibrahim chatta Net Worth: Ibrahim Chatta is a Nigerian Movie actor, scriptwriter, entertainer, movie director and a business personality. Chatta was born and raised in Kwara State,Nigeria, He’s  50 Years old. As of the time of creating  this post, Ibrahim Chatta has a total net worth of  $1.9 million dollars.

On this thread we shall take you through Ibrahim Chatta Biography, Age Career, How he make his fortune and all you need to  know about him.

Quick Insight To Ibrahim Chatta Profile

Full Name: Abiodun Ibrahim Chatta

Birth Date: October 13th 1970

Birth Place: Kwara State

Nick Name: Ibrahim Chatta

Religion: Christian

Nationality: Nigerian

Ethnicity: Yoruba

Siblings: Updating Soon

Age: 50-Year-Old

Marital Status: He’s married to actress Lizzy Berry since 2016

Profession: Actor, Entertainer/ Entrepreneur

Stats: Active

Net Worth: $1.9 million dollars

Social Media: Instagram, Twitter

Ibrahim Chatta

Ibrahim Chatta Biography

Born Abiodun Ibrahim Chatta, better  known as Ibrahim Chatta is a Nigerian Actor, chatta was born in Kwara State of Nigeria, On 13 of October, 1970, Ibrahim Chatta was born into a large family of 14, His mother is a from the south west,Ogun State, Nigeria to be precise.

Ibrahim Chatta dropped  his education while he was in primary 3, major reason  was because of the love he had for acting at that tender age, All what he new today was learned by self teaching.

Chatta rise to fame began after he was featured in an award-winning Yoruba based movie, “Aiyekooto”, He’s best known for directing the 2006 film Odun baku and playing Adebago in the film Òmìn in 2008. In 2012 chatta  won the Best of Nollywood Awards for Best Actor in a Supporting Role.

Ibrahim Chatta Personal Life

Ibrahim Chatta been a very  hard working man, He love acting to the extent of dropping  his education for acting, In 2006 he got married to a Nollywood actress Lizzy berry.

Ibrahim Chatta Net Worth Ibrahim is presently  one of the richest and  most influential actor in the Nigerian Nollywood Industry, Chatta has  an estimated total net worth of $1.9 million dollars.

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